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Easy Budget Modern Spaces for your Home

spendingYour budget may be small but your decorating ideas don’t have to be! Colorful accents breathe life into neutral furnishings in the living room. So adding a colorful throw pillow can bring life back into that outdated sofa — and for a few dollars, decorating a living room can be easy on the budget.

Small decorating projects can freshen up your home and be easy on your pocket. Rather than spending a small fortune on expensive wallpaper, consider a DIY project with paint and a pretty stencil. Wall Stencils for painting is a great alternative to wallpaper. You can customize your DIY stencil projects with your favorite combination of paint colors and patterns — all for a fraction of the price of expensive wallpaper!

Ever think about collecting? It only takes a few items to showcase and start a collection. Start with a handful of extraordinary originals or find less expensive replicas, then display your prized items on a shelf.

Check your local Estate Sales. Most local papers or online classified list current estate sales. You can view pictures and descriptions of estate sales in your area.

Here’s one of the writer’s favorites — turn a closet into a simple craft “room”  or home office by covering the doors with pegboard and sliding a desk or table in the space.

From simple room accents that transform your space on a budget without completing a full-scale remodel to painting a wall, giving your home a fresh look without breaking the bank does work! If you want to tackle bigger DIY projects, rethink your kitchen with remodeling ideas you can complete yourself.


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